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A hidden city Oasis
and a slow design approach

Under the roof of the highest floor of a classic townhouse in the very heart of Oslo, English born designer and maker Poppy Lawman has set up a tiny little Studio.
The Studio has charm with its winding terrazzo staircases and white washed exposed roof structures. It is humble but extremely aesthetic. Her treasures are tucked away high above the bustling shopping street below.
But you will find here an unexpected stillness and calm.
A perfect place to allow the hand and mind to wander and create.

“Here is where I hone my craft and designs focusing on creating thoughtful furniture, sculptures, and homewares based on a slow approach”

“Not a literally slow approach as in tempo of creation but it relates to how the audience of the final piece interacts with it.
In this high tempo life does the object help one to slow down to enjoy more one’s surroundings, actions, or the very materials that the objects are made of? Do the pieces help connect us to each other, our experiences, the seasons, or the land around us?
That’s the goal of a slow design approach and a direction I continually strive to follow and evolve in my designs.”

A usual Day

“Running a design studio makes for an unconventional and varied work week and it changes from day to day. But one ritual that generally remains amongst it all is the way it begins: The morning coffee ritual”

For Poppy, belonging to a city is to find a local coffee shop to call her own. A way to ground herself amidst city life, a perfect place to start the day to do emails, sketching and meeting a familiar face

“From my coffee pause, I head on down the road to the studio and up the winding staircases to begin the day. The day could consist of anything from sketching future products, exhibition planning, material preparation for furniture and sculptures in a variety of materials such as: wood, natural fibers, paper pulp or even clay, to perhaps making the products themselves or even my favourite: making models, tests, and exploring new materials for new experimental pieces”

About Wardrobe and
her Everyday Favourites

Poppy’s wardrobe is a mix of secondhand finds and pieces chosen for the quality and feel of the materials. She approaches clothes similarly to her design work focusing on items made of natural, long lasting, particularly well made, or singular material items.

“When it comes to particular everyday favourites, I adore blousy button-up shirts in classic tones and structured men’s-like dress trousers. Classic and timeless items that even as a little girl I hoped I would get to wear one day”

She is particularly drawn to the feel, quality, and heaviness of natural fibers. From cozy knits to woolen trousers, she loves the heavy quality of the material and being buffered from the elements in these sensuous materials.
There is a beautiful materialism to natural fabrics, that she is instinctively drawn to for their tactile nature

“They are perhaps material translations of my own design philosophy in fashion or fabric form.”


launching October 23d, in Stores



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